GardenView U-Pick Flowers & Flower Stop near Toledo Ohio


GardenView Flowers invites guests of all ages to cut their own flowers in our U-Pick cutting field  

every Saturday and Sunday—beginning July 13—from July through September

When you arrive at the GardenView Flower Stop, you’ll sign-in, receive a cup with water to fill and a pair 

of clippers for picking blossoms. When you’re finished filling your cup, you’ll return your clippers and we’ll 

wrap your flowers to take home or you can purchase a vase or bucket from our Flower Stop.

U-Pick Flowers Dates of Operation


Saturdays & Sundays

July to September

(Opening Day is Saturday, July 13)

Cash & Checks ONLY on location



For $12, guests will receive a dixie-size container to fill with as many flowers as they can fit. Guests will be able to borrow clippers from GardenView Flowers for picking flowers.

We have planted more than 30 varieties of fresh-cut flowers in our U-Pick garden, offering a colorful mix of varieties and textures for making a beautiful bouquet to take home. Guests can bring a bucket or vase for transporting their flowers (water on site) or purchase a vase or bucket from the GardenView Flower Stop.

Purchase tickets at our U-Pick Garden with cash or check OR Pre-Order Online here


Just want a bouquet to go?

Visit the


11160 South River Road, Grand Rapids, OH 43522



SELF-SERVE—Cash or checks are accepted in a dropbox.

GardenView’s Self-Serve Flower Stop is will have fresh flower bouquets, vases and flower gifts available! Stop on in for a visit today!

Other Questions

What happens when I arrive?

When you arrive at the GardenView Flowers Stop, you’ll sign-in, receive a cup with water to fill and a pair 

of clippers for picking blossoms. When you’re finished filling your cup, you’ll return your clippers and we’ll 

wrap your flowers to take home or you can purchase a vase or bucket from our Flower Stop.

What payments are accepted?

As we may not always be at the U-Pick Field, we can only accept cash and check. There is a money drop for 

leaving cash or a check made out to “GardenView Flowers.” You can also pre-purchase a ticket online here—your name will be on our RSVP list when you arrive at the U-Pick.    

What should I wear wear?

As this is a real garden, your shoes and clothes may get a little sandy, dirty or wet. Old shoes, comfortable 

clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses are encouraged.

What flowers will be growing?

We planted more than 20 varieties of flowers in our U-Pick field---everything from zinnias and snapdragons 

to gladiolus and sunflowers! As the season progresses, there will be an evolving and changing rotation of 

flowers for you to pick---so visit many times to get a different bouquet each time. Due to mother nature, 

we can’t tell you exactly when certain flowers will blossom.

Can I bring children?

Visitors of ALL ages are welcome. Children under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times for safety. As our gardens are bumpy, it may be difficult for strollers and wheelchairs to navigate.

Are dogs allowed?

Although we like furry friends, to keep our flower fields healthy and other guests safe, we do not allow dogs at our U-Pick field.

What about photos?

There will be MANY photo opportunities within the U-Pick field, including under our special garden arch! Photography for personal use is encouraged. In fact, tag #GardenViewFlowers to be featured on our Instagram or Facebook 

page! Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitors to take photos in other areas of the farm.

Can I pick my own flowers for a party or special event?

You’re welcome to bring your friends out to the farm the day or weekend before/of a special event! Not only is 

picking flowers and gardening therapeutic, it’s a fun birthday, shower or bachelorette party activity! If you’re 

looking for custom colors and arrangements, get in touch with Jenny in the GardenView Weddings department at

Do you accommodate groups of people?

We’d love to host your sorority, community group or organizations at the GardenView U-Pick field. If you are a 

group of more than 5-6, please send an email to to help us prepare for your visit 

and/or arrange for a special time to come to our gardens!

Will there be other activities happening?

We will host special activities in conjunction with the U-Pick throughout the summer. Watch our website and 

social media for more details. Also sign up for one of our Design Workshops & Farm Tours if you’re looking 

for an extra special experience---we host full farm tours on these dates.

What about water and snacks?

GardenView will have water bottles and a mix of snacks available for purchase by our guests at our Flower Stop 

if you work up an appetite :) A picnic table will be setup near the gardens if you’d like to take a break or have 

guest who wants to watch while you pick flowers.

What if I want more than a few bouquets? Or flowers of a certain type or color?

We grow more than 80 types of flowers across the farm at GardenView Flowers, and offer a regular selection of 

flowers from our farm at the Toledo and Perrysburg farmers markets. But, if you need something

 special, reach out to us at for custom design work or special orders. 

Our full-service wedding flower and event clients get first priority, so unfortunately, we may not be able to 

accommodate all requests.

What if I have other questions?

Get in touch with us at